Provincial Health Care Council (PHCC)

The Provincial Health Care Council (PHCC) represents approximately 8,500 health care support workers across Manitoba in hospitals, clinics, community health centres, personal care homes, and more!

In Local 2348, the PHCC represents: Klinic, SERC, Nine Circles, Women’s Health Clinic, and Nor’West Co op Community Health Clinic.


Who is the PHCC?

The CUPE Manitoba Provincial Health Care Council is an elected committee of CUPE Manitoba representing health care support workers across the province.

The PHCC brings together representatives from hospitals, personal care homes, community clinics, and more to discuss issues affecting health care in the province, and to negotiate collective agreements with the Health Authorities.

If you have problems in your workplace, please contact your local shop steward, or your union executive.



The Recruitment, Retention & Education Fund (RREF)

The Recruitment, Retention and Education Fund was created to microscope (2)support CUPE health care members under the jurisdiction of the PHCC to attend educational or upgrading courses to enhance their employability within health care where CUPE classifications would apply.

Priorities have been determined and will be given funding preference for Health Care Aides, Health Care Aides/Unit Clerks, Recreation Facilitator, Health Information Technician, Sterile Processing Technician, and others as deemed by the Committee.

We encourage you to apply!

For more information visit:

The RREF Criteria


Bylaws and Decision Making

Our bylaws set out the rules for how our local democratically elects our representatives, and how it is run.

To read a copy of our bylaws, click on the link below to download the PDF.

Our bylaws are currently being reviewed and updated. An approved copy of the new bylaws will be uploaded once they are approved at the Local and at CUPE National.


2348bylaws Nov 2013 – approved
(most current copy. Bylaws are currently being updated by the policy committee, November 2015) 

2348 PolicyManual-2003
(most current copy. Bylaws are currently being updated by the policy committee, November 2015)                           



Every Canadian deserves to retire in dignity with a decent retirement income.

Defined benefit pension plans are the best and most efficient way to provide a secure and predictable income for CUPE members and all Canadian workers. They’re an essential part of Canada’s pension system.  CUPE is dedicated to protecting and strengthening our member’s pension plans, and helping ensure all Canadians have a secure retirement income.

Yet over 11 million Canadians are without a workplace pension. That is why CUPE is advocating for an expansion of the Canada Pension Plan – the most affordable and effective way to ensure as many Canadians as possible can retire with dignity.

For further information on pensions, CUPE’s campaigns, and to add your voice to the discussion, click on the image below: